Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm In Demand Again

I've just got an email from an auction site I haven't listed on in ages. I think they must be emailing everyone who trades on Tazbar now it is closing down.

Today's jobs

1. Bought another 3 packs of nicotine replacement lozenges . I have a shopping list for groceries here, ready for tomorrow, but I might have to give up eating as well as smoking as I think I have enough lozenges for the entire street.

2. Added links to my blogs and some links to the blog rolls...don't know why my brother's blog doesn't have a feed...weird that.

Here is his blog...from Australia.......The Bloke With The Horse

3. Wandered about the internet...mostly forums and Facebook

4. I have enough tridents to do the next boss fight on Pirates...only I have lost the same fight twice :(

5. Dropped by my favourite games forum HERE

6. Suggested an eBay seller add a 'buy it now' option to her auctions and she now has loads of dosh to take away with her on her holiday......think I'm in the wrong job

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