Sunday, 9 August 2009

Photobucket and Marketing

Wow!!...I found another toy to play with while I think about what to put in my new on-line store.

This is a great tip from someone I know who has greatly increased their sales recently through using Photobucket to promote their products.

So....I went to my Photobucket account and uploaded some photographs of my products into a new album. Then in the photo description box I added descriptions pasted from my store on


Then I added my website address and the address of my store on zolanta asking people to contact me for more details.

I can then send them a Paypal or Google Checkout invoice and they can pay me using their debit/credit card on a secure checkout page ....amazing!!!

Other things I did on-line today was fix lots of broken links from photos I moved from my main file to the new one and I managed to add some new products to my store on Zolanta.

Oh.....and I forgot to play pirates but remembered to rescue my city on metro from burning down

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