Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Monitor Died :(

I tried to get on-line around 9am Tuesday and my 3 year old flatty monitor had passed away during the night :(

I managed to find a battered old CTX (from the ark) monitor buried under a pile of clutter that Gavin had dumped in the hallway...but couldn't find a cable anywhere.

I had visions of never finding one and having to go to the library to close down everything to do with the business as I can't run my business without internet access.

Got myself in a right state and then my neighbour dropped by for a girly chat so that cheered me up a lot:D

She was really worried because I can't walk very far and she knows I spend hours a day building and maintaining websites and stuff.

Then Gavin finally surfaced around 3pm, found a cable and got everything up and running within minutes.

I was so relieved that my business wasn't in danger of going down the pan that I took the rest of the day off and stayed on Facebook all day:D

Monday, 2 November 2009

Bidding Wars On Ebid

Had a busy day today....winding down my business on Amazon and buying lots of pink stuff from eBid in their Pink Friday auctions for Breast Cancer Care.

If you haven't signed up tp eBid you can sign up here

It's been really crazy on eBid this evening as there have been lots of auctions ending. The busiest auctions have been those to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. If you fancy donating to the Charity...you can add your mark to this Just Giving Page

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Affiliate Marketing Blues

Affiliate marketing would be so much simpler if it weren't for the rules of some brokers.

I went to a new one today and they wanted me to verify my website by adding a verification code to the head of my site.

Now I am pretty much au fait with site building but the sites I build now are built using the site builder provided by my host. I can't see any raw code anywhere...if I try to find it, all I get under 'properties' is a short version of what is there...not the actual code so that I can change it.

This is the second broker I have dealt with recently that insists on asking the impossible....think I might stick to the Sunny friendly brokers I have been with for ages.

Managed to add THIS PAGE FOR CHOCOHOLICS today though...so I had some fun with that .