Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Monitor Died :(

I tried to get on-line around 9am Tuesday and my 3 year old flatty monitor had passed away during the night :(

I managed to find a battered old CTX (from the ark) monitor buried under a pile of clutter that Gavin had dumped in the hallway...but couldn't find a cable anywhere.

I had visions of never finding one and having to go to the library to close down everything to do with the business as I can't run my business without internet access.

Got myself in a right state and then my neighbour dropped by for a girly chat so that cheered me up a lot:D

She was really worried because I can't walk very far and she knows I spend hours a day building and maintaining websites and stuff.

Then Gavin finally surfaced around 3pm, found a cable and got everything up and running within minutes.

I was so relieved that my business wasn't in danger of going down the pan that I took the rest of the day off and stayed on Facebook all day:D

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