Tuesday, 23 November 2010

School Was Never This Scary..or Was It?

infinite possibilities, mike dooleyI decided to attempt some studying again now that my daughter has left home. Annie left home in February 2009 to move into a group home for adults with Autism and since it is now nearly December 2010 I have run out of excuses for avoiding getting out there and back into studying.

I'm wanting to find work in the sector that includes Charities and foundations and the like but discovered that for the better paid jobs in those areas I would need to have a degree which includes the social sciences/ social care etc.

So this is where I am right now.

My neighbours have had a hard time accepting that I work part time and also run my own on-line marketing business. I am wondering how long they will take to accept that I won't be at home much at all from next spring as my study time will be at the local library where there are few distractions and a lot less mess.

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