Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm Having a few Days Off

My next door neighbour dropped by with an Avon order today and said she would get her daughter to come round with an order by Thursday (20th January).

I asked why Thursday and she said that I had to send my order in that day.. Doh!...thought I had until next week to send it in so it looks like after Thursday I have no Avon stuff to be going along with until next week.

That's cool because we had a washing machine related flood through our kitchen and living room recently and all my floors are muddy and I now have a few days off work to clear up the mess.

I booked an appointment to see the plumber for this morning and it's nearly half past three and he hasn't turned up yet. I've called one out because we have no hot water in the kitchen but strangely, have hot water in the bathroom. I think our plumbing has an identity crisis.

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