Friday, 10 June 2011

It's That Time Again!!!....Open University Blues

Oh Dear....have spent so much time on Facebook I am way behind with my first assignment for my OU Social Science course.

I am meant to be outlining inequalities in Gosport High street and comparing them with those I learned about when reading about City Road in 750 words.

So far I have written about 700 words.....of waffle.

I think my best bet is to type all the waffle and loads more into a Word document and then do a quick edit to get rid of the worst waffle.

It's now 9am...went to bed about 2am and got up to go to the loo about 5am and magically appeared on did that happen?

Since then I have faffed about on the Avon site...waffled on the money saver expert site and blogged for a bit.

Nipping off now to drop off some Avon brochures and pick up a TV mag from Morrisons.

Oh well.....being my own boss while studying sort of works that way with me.

I need to send the assignment in on-line by I will most likely be working on it till silly O'clock on Monday :)

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