Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Thoughts on The British Multicultural Experiment

When I checked my email earlier there was one telling me that UKGovsucksTV had uploaded a new video to YouTube.In this video, viewers were asked about their experience of multiculturalism where they live..

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With Exclusive videos not available on Youtube

I came up with the following rough notes.

- Our Queen visited recently and my mum (in her 80's) was pushed and shoved by a Muslim woman who only had her eyes showing. Kudos to my mum though..when the woman started shouting 'My Queen!' and waving a normally well mannered mum told her 'she isn't your effing queen and this isn't your country' lol.

- A local woman was stabbed by a rival takeaway owner (Muslim) and the police response was something like. 'We won't be able to find him now, he has probably gone to London'

- A local cafe owner (Muslim) chucked a blind man out who had a guide dog with him...the story got to the nationals but nothing much was done about it so far as I can tell.

- I can't find a British Dentist locally and my bank manager (Polish) had to place the computer screen between us during an interview so that I could help her with her spelling.

- I have also lost business from my Avon round due to multiculturalism as when people move out either Polish or black people move in. Not always, but often enough to be obvious. The Polish people can't speak a word of English so shut the door really quickly and the black people are downright rude and look me up and down like I'm a beggar or something. The Brits don't always buy but they aren't rude to me. I have had to move my business on-line as a result.

- Like I said ..this probably sounds tame...but I don't come from a place that has been 'enriched' overmuch

Oh nearly forgot...why is there a Samba band playing at nearly every community event in my town????

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