Sunday, 13 January 2013

Do Atheists Ignore Evidence of God?

(The article below was written and posted by 'Josh' admin from Atheism411 on Facebook 13th January 2013)

Atheist Myth #82: "You atheists willfully ignore evidence of God every day! The proof is out there, and you're just choosing to ignore it!"

Hi there, Josh here, and if you'll grant me a few moments of your Sunday morning, you may be shocked at how often we hear this claim. 

"How can you ignore the ontological evidence?", says the person who somehow thinks the word and concept of god existing somehow constitutes proof.

"How can you ignore the evidence all around you?", says the men and women who pretend the jury is still in on evolution, and things like the human eye show a "spark of divinity."

If you think you have evidence of the existence of god, I have some bad news for you...

There is none. Absolutely no proof whatsoever for ANY deity, ever. That's Yahweh, Thor, Amon Ra, Isis, Esis, Ares, Athena, Ceros and more. There are literally countless thousands "G"ods claimed to exist in the course of human history, and you, dear reader - no matter what you think you believe - are an atheist to 99.99% of them, bare minimum.

Those of us who go "just one god farther" aren't ignoring any evidence to do so; We're acknowledging the total lack of evidence in favor of your god, just like every other.

If you think science "proves God," then why are scientists disproportionately heretics? Could it be that Noah's ark is physically impossible? Well it is, so that doesn't help.

Could it be that the Earth is proven to be billions of years old, not 6,000-10,000? Well, this certainly doesn't help your case...

Yeah, I'd say the very idea of young-earth creationism has turned many a young man and woman into heathens... And is in and of itself more than enough to prove that roughly 50% of America - yes, young-earth creationism is that popular here - is demonstrably incorrect.

That's right, we're getting to evolution. The FACT of evolution. The accepted by every single knowledgeable human being, irrefutable "theory" of evolution.

When speaking scientifically, "theory" doesn't just mean "thing we think, but haven't proven." Seriously, it just doesn't.

The facts are in, the jury is out, and the "theory" of evolution is no less true and provable in practice than the "theory" of gravity.

Yes, it's called the "theory" of gravity, too. If you're ready to dismiss evolution because you don't understand what that word means, prepare yourself with alternative explanations as to why we're not flung off the Earth by centrifugal force.

I'd personally be amused by any competing "theory of gravity" that includes god's thumb on your head at all times, holding you down. If you're going to go that route, though, please do specify which god; It's good to be thorough.

Look at dogs. Yes, I'm back to evolution, just shut-up and look at dogs. Any dogs, your dog, a dog on youtube, pick one, and look at it.

That animal came from wolves. We can and have proven this. In just the last 100,000 years, give or take 50,000, human beings have taken to adopting wolves as pets/servants. We've grown fond of them at a young age, fostered the kindness we've seen in certain pups by encouraging them with attention and breeding, while not breeding the ones that act like they're going to rip our faces off.

A golden retriever, or a pitbull, or a poodle, or a chihuahua. If you own one of these, or any other breed, you "own" a creature that proves definitively that evolution is not only a real thing, but it's powerful enough that human beings themselves can harness it to turn blood-thirsty predators into foot-long inbred shakingly-terrified Taco Bell spokesmen.

There is plenty of evidence that your holy books are false. There just is.

Jericho didn't have walls - or even exist when the biblical story is to have taken place, depending on what historians you check with. Adam and Eve is fiction. The sun has NEVER stopped in the sky and "waited" for anyone.

While we're on the topic of the sun, it DOES NOT rotate around the earth, and the earth is not flat with four actual corners. Heaven is not a literal place, held above earth by literal pillars....

There has never been a boat that held two (or more if they're clean) representatives of every species... There has never been a flood that killed everyone and everything not on that boat.

Your personal anecdotes don't count as evidence... because personal anecdotes aren't evidence. I don't care if you've "spoken" to god, or had god speak back; That just proves you have an active imagination. 

Next time you speak to god, ask for some verifiable proof of his existence, so people don't think you a nutter. Showing "Himself" to everyone in the world at once should be a pretty easy trick for an omnipotent being, and if he said the exact same thing to each person, guess what? That's verifiable! Start praying, get on that.

There has NEVER been a single recorded instance of a miracle. Never. Not once. God(s) has never shown itself(s) to anyone, ever, and everyone who thinks otherwise is either delusional, psychotic, or lying.

Are you offended by that? Sorry, but if you're REALLY offended by that, and take a personal exception, then you need to hear it most of all... Because people who think like you do are the ones who don't think it crazy when God tells you to kill, or mutilate genitalia, or treat entire groups of humanity as second-class citizens.

What you consider proof of god, isn't "proof" of anything, unless it fits with the terrestrial definition of "proof." Which is NOT different from evidence.

Cough up some evidence for your god - and be the first theist in history to do so - or stop pretending that us atheists are willfully ignoring your nonexistent "proof."

There is some theoretical evidence that could be shown to me that would make me question my heretical stance, and I'm genuinely open to you showing it to me now, if you insist it exists.

Can you theists say the same in reverse? - Josh

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